Hello, my name is Mary Ostroumova.

I have been working in the design field for over ten years. Un this time I've completed around a hundred projects in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow. These projects are diverse in style, cost and purpose, but they are all very dear to me personally. I always try to put y soul into my projects, and I hope it shows.




Saint-Petersburg Government University of Technology and Design.

Design faculty.

Additional education:
3DMax studies in 3DMaster studio;
Design school of Staneslav Orehov (Interior and exterior visualization, Interior Drawing, Wooden Homes)
Design school of Natalie and Ilya Lomeyko (VIP Planning, Socionics in Design, Attracting VIP Clients, Legal Questions in Design)
Sergey Timofeev "12 rules" (Legal Questions in Design)
Alex Skidel (Business education: Anti-crisis) 



My work, drawing art, clothing design, world cuisine, travel, foreign languages.